Get Inspired by Amber Interiors’ Living Room Designs

Have you been searching for the perfect living room design? Look no further than Amber Interiors. This interior design firm has created some of the most beautiful and stylish living rooms around. Read on to learn more about how Amber Interiors is transforming the way we think about living room design.

Amber Interiors, founded by Los Angeles-based interior designer Amber Lewis, has become one of the most sought-after design studios in the world. Focusing on creating warm, livable spaces that are both stylish and functional, Amber’s design philosophy is rooted in comfort and simplicity. Here are a few tips from this master designer on how to create a beautiful space that still feels like home.

Amber Interiors’ Style

The key to Amber Interiors’ success lies in its unique style. The team at Amber Interiors specializes in creating modern, yet timeless designs that incorporate natural materials, pops of color, and interesting textures. With an eye for detail and a commitment to quality craftsmanship, Amber Interiors creates spaces that are both inviting and stylish.

Their signature style can be seen in all of their living room designs; from traditional farmhouse style to mid-century modern, there is something for everyone at Amber Interiors. Whether you’re looking for a cozy family room or a formal living space, you will find plenty of inspiration here.

Design Tips from Amber Interiors

One of the best things about working with Amber Interiors is their dedication to helping clients create their dream space. From offering advice on furniture placement to providing design tips on how to make your space feel bigger, the team at Amber Interior is always ready and willing to help. They understand that each space is different and they take time to get to know your style so they can provide custom solutions tailored just for you.

Maximize Your Space With Mirrors
Amber loves using mirrors to open up a room and make it feel larger than it is. Strategically placed mirrors can reflect light around the room and create an illusion of more space. Try placing a large mirror opposite a window to maximize natural light throughout the day or hang several smaller mirrored frames along a hallway wall for added depth.

Choose Pieces That You Love
When selecting furniture for your space, don’t just go with what’s trendy—choose pieces that you truly love and will enjoy looking at every day. It’s ok to mix styles and combine pieces from different eras as long as they all share similar vibes; this will add personality to your room while still keeping everything cohesive. Don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to your decor!

Bring In Nature Whenever Possible
Amber believes that adding natural elements like plants, wood accents, or stone surfaces can bring life into any room. Natural materials also help soften sharp lines and create an inviting atmosphere for anyone who enters the space. If you don’t have access to outdoor materials such as stones or logs, try bringing in some indoor plants instead – these can be used to add greenery throughout the entire home without taking up too much extra space!


No matter what kind of space you have or what look you’re going for, you can count on the team at Amber Interiors to help make it happen. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own living room design, be sure to check out some of their previous work or give them a call today! With their expertise and your vision, together you can create something truly special!

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